Don’t Piss Off A Dame

Someone else aggravated is Dame Diana Rigg.  She is in the Broadway revival of My Fair Lady, playing Henry Higgins’ mother.  Lauren Ambrose has decided that due to the burden of carrying a show, she will take off Sunday matinees.  Well, Dame Diana is not amused.  “I learnt, courtesy of a newspaper, that our leading lady will not be appearing in future Sunday matinees.  Now call me old-fashioned, which I unashamedly am, but I don’t think this development is fair to audiences.  They have booked their seats in advance, paying an exorbitant price for them to see what they have been led to believe is the original cast.  The very least we can do as actors is to acknowledge their presence as a privilege and take care never to abuse it.  It is time management put their audiences first and insist on the old adage, slightly adapted by me, ‘The show must go on – with ALL principals.’”  Hear, hear!

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