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During my Fourth of July sojourn in Provincetown, I saw several shows.  This time, I’ll start with the Ptown Art House and three shows running all season.  I don’t know the last time I enjoyed a show as much as Varla Jean Merman’s Under A Big Top.  I laughed so hard, I was exhausted by the end!  The clever lyrics (worthy of Sondheim), the psychotic bits (including a mind reader), the swing, the costumes, even the unscripted tumble from the stage – it was all perfection.  This may be my favorite Varla show ever – which is good since it is her 20th anniversary in show biz.  Don’t miss it.

I was then lucky enough to see Steve Grand’s opening…well, his opening night in Provincetown.  We all know he’s gorgeous and has a great voice.  What impressed me most was how he’s grown as a performer.  Listen, kids, it’s not easy to stand in front of a hundred queens and keep them entertained for an hour – especially fully dressed!  If I had any criticism, it’s that my focus was drawn to his erect right nipple.  But, I chalked it up to the fact that I was sitting up front.  You’re welcome.  By the by, his new CD just came out and you can grab it at

Then I saw Well-Strung’s new show, A Night at the Movies.  From the slick opening credits (a la Hitchcock), to the first song (“Science Fiction – Double Feature” from Rocky Horror), to the men playing various instruments, I knew this was not gonna be your usual Well-Strung show.  First off, everything tied into movies – and what doors that opened up.  We got an evocative John Williams medley (with accompanying film clips), a beatific “Moon River”, and even some Titanic – which included leaning!  The boys conceived and directed the show, and I think grasping control of their professional destiny has brought them to the next level.  It was bold, creative, and slick.  If you think you’ve seen Well-Strung, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  Get tix for all these acts at


Meanwhile at the Crown & Anchor, I managed to take in Star Boys – well, not so much take them in as peruse the goods.  When they called the show a burlesque, they weren’t kidding.  Yes, it’s a high-concept evening centered on outer space.  But these “boys” spend the majority of their time outta their clothes!  Not only are they handsome, but they have lots to show – if you catch my drift.  Aside from their hot bodies and their bouncy bits, they’re also incredibly limber.  Two of them are acrobats and aerial artists.  Here’s what I learned – one doesn’t need to look up to watch an aerial act.  The silks and rings were roughly a foot off the ground – the worst that could have happened was a chipped nail.  But that didn’t take away from the incredible body control, the sensual routines, or the jubilant audience who cheered every gyration and every inch…oh, did I mention they’re naked?  And they don’t disappoint.

I know I previously mentioned that The Skivvies would be at the Crown on August 6 and 7.  But now we know that their special guest will be Randy Harrison, formerly the twink on Queer as Folk (US).  And Ptown will have him in his underwear?  Talk about a must-see!  Get tix to all the Crown & Anchor shows at

Meanwhile at the Provincetown Theater, the new artistic director David Drake has programmed Love! Valour! Compassion! by Terrence McNally (which will also star Mr. Drake and his fabled phallus dangling betwixt his legs).  Not only that, but Mr. McNally is flying out to be honored on July 20th with the first-ever Provincetown American Playwright Award.  The ever-quotable McNally quipped, “I am honored beyond all measure to be the recipient of the first PAPA award.  Since I turn 80 in November, maybe you want to make it the GRANPAPA award.”  That Terry is such a scamp!  L!V!C! runs through August 30th.  Get your tix at

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