Fayewatch Goes Gucci

Brace yourself for another installment of Fayewatch.  You’d think after back-to-back Oscar stints, Miss Dunaway would be…well, done away with.  But she’s surfaced in a new Gucci campaign that perplexed one of my readers.  “Is this an actual ad or an SNL skit?”  Here’s how Faye describes it: “The character is a busy, successful Hollywood mother who has a special relationship with her daughter, played by the lovely SoKo.”  If a “special relationship” means treating her daughter as an employee, then she’s right on the money.  It kicks off with the two of them sitting in a limo while Faye autographs some photos – a la Mommie Dearest.  She is then waited on by a coterie of staff at Gucci, while the girl is ignored.  Then the duo walk through a park with the girl making sure Faye doesn’t fall.  Back home, Faye puts her Gucci Sylvie handbag on the table as the girl looks on enviously.  They sit by the pool with Dunaway in an enormous hat.  Then while wearing a baseball cap, Faye attempts to hit a tennis ball over the net!  Next, the girl is playing the piano as Faye pretends to care.  Finally, Faye gives the girl a purse – while wearing a turban!  Then the two hug gingerly.  I particularly enjoyed watching Faye in a variety of hats and turbans which seem to have the hair attached.  The way she shuffles along makes her appear to be a shrunken oldster reminiscent of Grandma Yetta on The Nanny.  You can see this masterpiece on BillyMasters.com.

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