Opera Sex Scandal

Elsewhere in music, we have yet another sex scandal.  Opera singer David Daniels and his hubby, conductor William Scott Walters, are alleged to have drugged and raped baritone Samuel Schultz – and you thought opera was boring!  Way back in 2010 when the incident occurred, Daniels was 44 and Walters (who goes by the name Scott and was not yet Daniels’ husband) was 28.  Schultz was a 23-year-old student at Rice University.  He says that the couple invited him back to their apartment after a performance with the Houston Grand Opera.  He says they gave him a drink and after a few sips, he blacked out.  He awoke hours later (as he says in his police complaint) “in a bed alone, completely naked.  I was sore and I didn’t know why.  I made my way to the bathroom to figure out why I hurt.  I was bleeding from my rectum.  I became numb.  I was paralyzed with fear.  What had happened?  How could I escape?  How would I get out?  Where were my clothes?  I tiptoed out of the bedroom to discover that David and Scott were not there.  When they came back from eating somewhere, I think they asked if I had a good time.”  He added one additional tidbit.  “I remember David saying, ‘Don’t worry about the BB thing, I’m totally negative.’  BB in this case meant bareback, otherwise known as raping me without a condom.”  Ouch!

Schultz says he stayed silent because he was embarrassed and frightened of any professional repercussions.  However, he did confide in a friend and a therapist.  The friend did not advise Schultz to go to the police.  He went public now after learning that Daniels is a tenured professor at the University of Michigan, where he’ll be working with young singers.  Schultz filed a complaint with the University’s police department in July.  They in turn passed it along to the Houston Police Department, since that’s where the alleged incident occurred.  Within hours of Schultz’s claim going public, Daniels took a leave of absence from teaching.  No word on Walters, who happens to be artistic director of the OutLoud Chorus in Ann Arbor, Michigan!  However, both Daniels and Walters have denied the claims.  Not that it’s relevant, but when Daniels and Walters got married in 2014, the ceremony was officiated by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Oh, no, don’t drag RBG into this!

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