Cut Go-Go Boys

Speaking of shirtless hunks, the go-go boys at the legendary Abbey in West Hollywood were asked by head honcho Dave Cooley to take a 25-percent cut on their nightly pay.  The “dancers” (and I use this term loosely) are paid $100 for four one-hour shifts.  Before going on, let me say that back in the ‘90s when I hosted my immensely popular all-male revues in New England, I paid my dancers $100 – and all they had to do was dance to a couple songs.  Apparently inflation hasn’t worked its way into g-strings.  Anyhoo, Cooley asked his dancers to do one of the shifts for free – which is how it goes down to $75.  He also told them to stop socializing with customers – who tip generously (which is how a dancer can survive on a salary of $100).  One dancer, Michael Benjamin Volkar (who goes by the name Teddy Bear), went public.  After sharing the facts, he added this: “The pay cut also came with a long message reminding every dancer that they are replaceable and that they should be dancing even harder and can be fired at any moment.”  Well, that last part is true – you can’t throw a stone in WeHo without hitting someone who could be a hot go-go boy.  In fact, I dare you – go outside and throw a stone and you see what you hit.  We hear the proposed pay cut is not going into effect, but that’s a bit too late for Volkar, who has been fired.

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