QEII’s Gay Footman

Britain’s Royal Family is always good for some scandal.  This week, we hear one of Queen Elizabeth’s gay footmen has quit.  First, I have no idea how many footmen QEII has – I mean, she’s only got two feet!  Be that as it may, the gay footman (as if there’s only one gay footman) quit because he was told by the Royal Household management that he needed to “tone down the gayness”!  Girl, he’s the Queen’s footman – it doesn’t get gayer than that!  As it happens, Ollie Roberts is not only the Queen’s first openly gay footman, he was her personal footman.  Apparently the 21-year-old Ollie is quite active on social media and has given interviews to lots of gay press.  He was accused of “courting publicity” and demoted to just being a regular footman – which is ultimately why he quit.  Unless he was taking selfies with Lizzie’s feet or wearing open-toed shoes, I say leave him be.

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