Well Strung’s Censored Stiff

I do hate when friends of mine are embroiled in a scandal.  But I will put on my impartial journalist cap and tell you about Chris Marchant, the hunky violinist in Well-Strung (who also strutted his stuff on The Amazing Race).  The group is typically in summer residency at Provincetown’s Art House.  Marchant, who is no stranger to showing skin in snaps, posted a photo taken in a Provincetown cemetery which features his shirtless torso leaning against an obelisk with the caption, “Can’t wait to get back to Ptown for Halloween and to help with the launch weekend of @ptownbrewingco”.  Well, people were outraged – not about the post, but about the photo.  One person said, “Someone wasn’t buried there for you to take an abs pic” – although I suppose it depends on the person.  Frankly, I wouldn’t mind Marchant’s sexy skin leaning against my erect obelisk – but that’s another story.  Initially, Chris was defensive – as one is wont to do.  Then, after the story went viral, he deleted the post saying, “While it was never my intention to offend, I understand that it was disrespectful to take such a picture against a memorial to the life of someone I never knew.  I deleted it, because the point of the post was to help a friend, and I would never want for my personal actions or words to harm the efforts of anyone else.  I apologize for any offense I caused.”  That wasn’t hard…or was it?  You can decide for yourself when you see the pic on BillyMasters.com.

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