Austin Wolf Flies Delta

Lots of you sent in the same Ask Billy question.   But it was Randy in Maine who wrote in first.  “What is the story about the gay porn star and flight attendant having sex in the bathroom?  And there’s a video?  Where?”

Gay porn star Austin Wolf was on a Delta flight when he met a newly hired flight attendant.  The FA in question was not working, but he was in uniform.  At a certain point, the two disappeared into a lavatory for eight minutes.  I’d say you can only imagine what went on, but no need to imagine – Austin took a video with his phone!  Not only is the FA’s face clearly visible (since his mouth is doing much of the initial work), but so is his employee ID.  Oops!  And, before you ask, yes, the attendant enjoyed Austin from both ends.  Moments after Wolf posted the video, people went crazy and immediately identified the Delta employee.  He claims to have not known he was being filmed, which is: a) unbelievable and 2) hardly the point.  He’s been suspended.  Austin quickly deleted the video from the web…but not before we snagged it.  Prepare for liftoff, on

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