Sexy Soap Star Stalked

I’ve previously expressed my admiration for Max Ehrich, an actor who previously appeared on Under the Dome and The Young and the Restless, and is rumored to have played an active role in the private life of Chris Colfer – speculation, of course, but circumstantial evidence points in that direction.  Young Max recently posted the following on Twitter: “I am currently being stalked.  I am putting this out there so that this person (ppl involved) are aware that the police are now involved.  Please leave me alone.  I wish I could say that this is all over, but I’m continuing to get my safety threatened even with a security team.  I have to step away from social media at this time.  Love you guys.”  He then posted a photo of a burly gent sitting on his hotel bed with the word “SECURITY” printed on the back of his T-shirt (note to self – never hire a security guard who wears a T-shirt that says “SECURITY”).  Max then said, “Just wanted to update you guys that I am safe & secure.  I appreciate the messages.  Don’t take your safety for granted.  There really are some sick people out there.  Stay safe x”.   He later told TMZ that a realtor became infatuated with him, sexually aggressive, and at one point brandished a gun!  That fills in some of the blanks, but not all of it.  Sources say that this wasn’t so much a business relationship that went south as an online hookup that went wrong.  Not to victim blame, of course, but let this be a cautionary tale (or tail).

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