Daley & the Bald Bloke

Queer athletes bring us to our Ask Billy question from Stephen in Anaheim.  “Remember all that talk about a sex tape of Tom Daley being shopped around?  Whatever happened to that?”

That’s a good question.  Sure, we got quite a fascinating shot of his ass in the air waiting for…well, whomever turned up.  And there was that brief clip of him allegedly fondling his nether regions through underwear.  But then, nothing.  So I did a little digging and found quite a few still shots from a video that allegedly stars Mr. Daley and a rather hot bald bloke.  Now, I cannot say that this is definitely Tom.  For all I know, it could be one of those many Tom Daley look-a-likes with a strikingly similar body, similar hair, and similar ass which is enjoyed with great gusto by a hot bald guy.  I mean, anything’s possible.  Check it out at BillyMasters.com and decide for yourself.

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