More Holiday Gifts

Time for another installment of Billy’s Holiday Gift Giving Suggestions.  This week, we’re delivering the perfect 2019 calendar.  My first choice is usually the Orthodox Calendar, but they have let me down.  When that calendar started, it featured risqué photos of allegedly Orthodox priests and monks.  Now they’re admitting the photos are of models, but still “inspired by” Orthodox priests and monks.  Thanks, but no thanks.

Instead, I am happy to once again spotlight the work of the Warwick Rowers.  This group of hot athletes has been raising funds through their calendar since 2009.  Obviously the men change, but the standards remain high.  The gay and straight rowers have twice been named UK Charity Calendar of the Year by whomever votes on these things…presumably a bunch of Brits.  This year’s calendar features a special guest – two-time Olympic rower Robbie Manson from New Zealand.  And let’s just say his openly gay oar is prominently featured.  While we will share some of the more sizzling shots on, I’d suggest you grab the calendar quickly at  And HURRY – I was gonna promote the Ben Cohen calendar, but it’s already sold out.

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