Yes, Arnetia

I’ve got way too much to share with you this week, so I’m gonna dive right in.  I must make a confession – I’ve loved Arnetia Walker since I saw her getting fucked doggie-style by Ray Sharkey in Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills.  I know – that’s a lot to take in (that’s what she said!).  So when the prolific Stan Zimmerman told me she was starring in his and Christian McLaughlin’s play Yes, Virginia at The Complex in Hollywood, I had to go.  Problem was, I had no free time.  I couldn’t go to a preview – I had to bake lemon bars for a holiday party.  I couldn’t go to the opening night because I had my Well-Strung boys in their Christmas Show at the LA Gay & Lesbian Center (it was great, it was fabulous, we’ll come back to them in the Gift Giving section).

The only possible time I could go was the Sunday matinee.  But it was gonna be tight since I was escorting Jenifer Lewis to Divas Simply Singing at 5PM.  The play was at 3PM, and it was 90 minutes long.  So I’d have time to meet and greet and do whatever else one does when meeting someone who you’ve seen getting fucked doggie-style (in addition to the sexual act, what makes that moment particularly memorable is Arnetia’s comedic timing…as you’ll see on  I loved the play, and Arnetia was a dream.  In fact, she holds the distinction of having played virtually every part in Dreamgirls – possibly including James “Thunder” Early!  She is a versatile powerhouse who honed her skills in the theatre and took them to the big and small screen.  She stars alongside Mindy Sterling, who I also love but I never saw get fucked in any position (why do I keep harping on this?).  It was a privilege to see them both in this terrific play and in an intimate theatre.  It runs through December 30th

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