Inside Spacey’s Busboy

While Kevin Spacey is probably grateful to have 2018 behind him, he’s still got some daunting situations a-brewin’.  First and foremost are charges for allegedly sexually assaulting a teenage boy at a Nantucket bar in 2016.  As you may recall, Spacey allegedly flirted with the 18-year-old busboy in a restaurant, bought him a drink (after the boy said he was of age), and began putting his hands down the lad’s pants…as one does when one flirts with a busboy.  Unfortunately for Spacey, the boy is the son of a former Boston-area television news anchor.  Unfortunately for the boy, he reported the incident to the police over a year after the incident.  Something smells fishy to me, but that could just be Nantucket!  I don’t question the boy’s account of the night, but I do question the motive.  Spacey will be formally arraigned on January 7th.  If Spacey is found guilty, he could be facing 15-20 years in jail.  On the positive side, by the time he gets out, he’ll be able to hit on Andy Cohen’s kid!

In one of those situations that you’d swear was made up, the same day the formal charges against him were announced, Spacey broke his online silence by posting an odd video in which he plays his character from House of Cards.  In it, he condemns how the show ended, and how things are not as they appear in politics…and in life.  Amazingly, this three-minute clip is one, single, perfect take, and it reminds us of two things: 1) what an extraordinary actor Kevin Spacey is and, B) that he’s batshit crazy.

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