Kennedy Center Honors

One of my favorite ways of ending the year is to watch the Kennedy Center Honors.  And, what a gala it was.  They honored Cher.  Reba.  And a bunch of others who slipped my mind…oh, yes, composer Philip Glass, saxophonist Wayne Shorter, and the creators of Hamilton (Lin-Manuel MirandaThomas KailAndy Blankenbuehler and Alex Lacamoire).  Here’s a little inside tidbit you won’t hear anywhere else.  One of my DC deep throats told me that Lin-Manuel was approached about getting the Kennedy Center Honor…solo.  Allegedly, he said that he’d decline the honor unless it was given to the entire creative team.  Talk about being a team player.

In recent years, I’ve tuned in to these festivities to see Caroline Kennedy.  So I was disappointed that Mrs. Schlossberg was unable to attend…probably competing in some equestrian show.  Nary a Schlossberg seemed available.  So, naturally, when you think of the Kennedy legacy, the obvious host is Latina spitfire, Gloria Estefan.  In an advance photo promoting the telecast, the honorees were assembled, and you’d swear it was an exhibition at Madame Tussauds!  Of course, one can’t capture movement in a still photo.  Color me surprised to tune in and see Cher just as animated on the telecast – it’s like every time the camera panned to her, they simply hit pause.  Thank God she opened her eyes and sprung to life once Cyndi Lauper appeared.  She even jumped up and danced a bit.  And that’s when I understood the problem – I believe that corset she was wearing restricted her breathing.

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