Will Lucas Name Names

Last week, gay porn impresario Michael Lucas made some news.  First it was announced that he will retire from “performing” in 2020.  “Porn stars come and go, but the best ones stay in our memories and on our hard drives for a long time until they fade away,” said his publicist, Len Evans.  But it was the next statement which raised more than a few eyebrows.  “Michael is also in search of a co-author to publish a juicy autobiography that will include a steamy chapter about a few top Hollywood celebs who paid him to have sex with them when he was an escort in the late ‘90s.”  Let’s gloss over the difference between a co-author and a publisher – naming names got my attention.  That is, until Lucas retracted the story and fired Evans.

To fill in the blanks (something Lucas is known for), Michael Tweeted the following: “The story that ran today and attributed to me by former publicist is absolutely false.  I spent 45 minutes on the phone explaining why I would never do that and they still felt the need to give it to you.  Needless to say I am perplexed by their motivation and they were fired immediately.  I am considering legal action against them.  What is true is that I’m planning to retire in 2020.  What is absolutely false is that I would ever write or consider writing a ‘tell all’ book and naming names of my clients.  I consider that relationship sacred and I would never violate their confidence or my integrity.  Period.  I have nothing but the greatest respect and gratitude for the people who trusted me with their intimate secrets and I will take those secrets to the grave.”

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