Chris Hansen Caught

They say bad things come in threes – unless you’re referring to the triplets from Bratislava I vacationed with in Fort Lauderdale last week.  We have a trio of bad stories about Chris Hansen, the former NBC anchor best known for hosting To Catch a Predator.  First we heard he’s being evicted from his New York City apartment where he hasn’t paid rent since August (his rent is $3,600/month, quite reasonable by NYC standards).  Then we found out he’s been charged with “issuing bad checks” – which might explain why he hasn’t paid rent.  Turns out, the problem goes back to 2015 when Hansen was trying to relaunch To Catch a Predator via Kickstarter with a campaign target of $75K – or, what he calls roughly two years of rent!  Contributors were promised various perks, including some custom-made shirts, mugs, etc.  The guy he hired to make the tchotchkes was paid with a bad check…to the tune of $13K!  But, here’s the kicker (so to speak) – the fundraising brought in $89K, which means Hansen got to keep the money.  What did contributors receive?  The phrase that comes to mind is, “I Contributed to Chris Hansen’s Kickstarter Campaign and I Didn’t Even Get a T-Shirt!”

The latest twist is that Hansen’s wife Mary Joan filed for divorce after 30 years of marriage.  I’m shocked she hung in there this long.  I thought she’d have left Chris back in 2011 when the National Enquirer got a video showing him in a hotel with a reporter 20 years his junior.  Back then, the only one who dumped him was NBC – where he’d been for 20 years.  He probably convinced his wife he only stopped by for some lemonade.

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