And Then There Was One

I don’t regularly watch Flipping Out.  In fact, I try to avoid it.  So, I didn’t realize Jeff and Gage were not married – but who cares?  If straights can have kids out of wedlock and be sued by their surrogates, why not gays?  I found out the couple wasn’t married because Jeff announced that Gage had moved out last week.  He says that for most of the past year, Gage had been in a separate bedroom and the two have primarily been friends with benefits – the benefit, if you ask me, is that you get your own room!  I don’t have a dog in this fight (no offense), but I’d like to make one general observation: one doesn’t marry a Gage.  One has meaningless sex with a Gage.  Hot, meaningless, nasty sex.  I once slept with someone named Brick.  I can’t swear that was his real name – I never checked his papers.  The Gages and Bricks of the world are the guys you fool around with in the bathroom while your boyfriend is waiting at the table in the restaurant.  You want a drama-free life?  Marry someone with a name out of the Bible.  Except Lazarus – every time you think you’re done, he’ll spring back to life and you’ll never get any sleep.

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