Inside The Anchor’s Anus

After Jussie’s “attack”, there was some speculation that it was a drug or sexual hookup gone wrong (and after seeing those pics of the Nigerian brothers on, I can picture that).  But there is a case in the news which is a gay hookup and a drug situation gone wrong.  This is regarding KTLA’s Chris Burrous.  At the end of last year, the anchor was found unresponsive in a Glendale motel.  Turns out, the married father had hooked up with a guy through Grindr (they’d played together before) and met at the motel.  Allegedly, Burrous got there first, set up the room with what is called “DJ-style lighting”, and had S&M toys – including a leather mask he was wearing.  Otherwise, he was nude when his playmate arrived.  Reportedly, the 43-year-old newsman had inserted a rock of crystal meth in his ass, gave his partner some GHB, and was using poppers.  Later, he inserted a second rock you-know-where.  Then…well, let’s just say his paramour turned him into a human puppet.  Unbeknownst to the partner, Burrows had at some point vomited in his mask, and you know what that means – no refund.  Let this be a lesson for you…when you’re gonna do a Kukla, Fran and Ollie impersonation, have 911 on speed dial!

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