Mad About Mean Gays

If you’re a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race, you’ll wanna catch Peaches Christ’s touring production of Mean Gays!  The outrageous parody features a cavalcade of stars, including Kim ChiWillamPeaches and Laganja Estranja.  The capacity crowd at LA’s Montalban Theatre could not have been more enthusiastic – especially with the surprise appearance of Daniel Franzese, who was in the film Mean Girls.  I eagerly await their next endeavor – a mash-up of First Wives Club and Fight Club called First Wives Fight Club.  For dates and tix, check out

At long last Mad About You is returning to TV, although it’s not gonna be on a channel anyone’s ever heard of.  The reboot has been picked up by Spectrum, which used to be Time Warner Cable.  I know what you’re wondering – is it gonna be on public access?  Nope.  This new channel is called Spectrum Originals, which you can get if you have Spectrum, or you can pay to see it online.  Who knows how this will work.  I’m told that the limited series will have no commercials, it picks up Paul and Jamie as empty nesters, and Helen Hunt will direct the first episode (she directed the finale to the original sitcom).  Look for it to debut next season.

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