Still Laugh-In

Last week, I went to a gala evening at the Dolby Theatre celebrating the 50th anniversary of Laugh-In.  For Still Laugh-In: The Stars CelebrateNetflix hoped to assemble the remaining living cast members.  They were one short – no Goldie (for reasons well known to them, or so I’m told).  In the role of Goldie Hawn we got Miss Loni Anderson (no, not in a bikini).  Happily, we did have Lily Tomlin (who did two new Ernestine and Edith Ann sketches – both of which were pre-taped), Jo Anne Worley (who was chewing up the scenery) and Ruth Buzzi (who currently bears a striking resemblance to Ruth Bader Ginsberg).  The event was hosted by Tiffany Haddish and self-proclaimed sword swallower, Neil Patrick Harris.  Guest stars included Jay LenoBilly CrystalBill MaherChelsea HandlerCheri Oteri, and a bunch of others who I must say neither Bruce Vilanch nor I could place.  The low point was a musical number by the two Ritas – Moreno and Wilson.  And we had to sit through it twice.  I loves me some Moreno, but this was not good.  The spunky Latina made sure to let the audience know it wasn’t her fault.  “I’m not taking the blame for this shit – we’ve been sitting back there in the freezing cold for two hours!”

The evening ran very long and towards the end, people were leaving.  At one point, I was pulled from my seat and asked to sit in the front row next to Norman Lear – talk about television royalty!  Two seats over was Laugh-In creator, George Schlatter – who recognized me and said hi.  All I kept thinking was, FINALLY I’m the young one!  Then Norman leaned over to George and said, “Can you believe we created being funny on television?”  George said, “Yeah, and they’re KILLING it!  But we can fix it in post!”  Priceless.  The special will air later this season.


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