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Posey Puts Out

You know who else came out as bisexual?  Tyler Posey.  OK, not exactly Tyler Posey, but the character he plays on Jane the Virgin.  His character, Adam, tells Jane (the virgin), “I had a boyfriend in our school when everyone was experimenting, and another in Fort Green when everyone wasn’t.”  For those of you playing at home, that’s two boyfriends.  But that’s just his character, right?  Well…let’s not be too hasty.  After all, he’s previously admitted to being on Grindr – and how many straight men can say that?  Hands?  Well, it’s really not a fair question – how many straight men are reading this column?  But how many straight men have seen Posey’s penis?  Again, I see no hands – although they may be otherwise engaged.  Since Tyler has said he doesn’t care that his nudes (and the videos) fell into our hands, why not share them with you – on

A Matter Of Size

Speaking of sizes, Kathy Griffin has once again gone after Andy Cohen – and this time her target is the size of his package.  In a recent Tweet, she shared an e-mail she received from someone currently living in Croatia who claims to have had a one-night stand with Andy back in college – no, not in Croatia.  Forrest (last name suppressed) says, “Andy Cohen is a little guy.  I happen to be 6 feet tall.  He rather assertively had his way with me.  It was very one-sided.”  In other words, he confirmed what Anderson Cooper already told us – that Cohen’s a top.  “By the way,” Forrest adds, “Andy is a small guy, not just in height.”  Kathy sums it up with, “Do you know me now, b*tch?”

Not So Transparent

More troublesome are the claims against Jeffrey Tambor.  The first was from his former assistant – allegations Tambor “adamantly and vehemently” denied.  Then there was an actress from Transparent who had a similar story.  Intriguingly, both accusers are transgender.  Days later, he quit the show.  “The idea that I would deliberately harass anyone is simply and utterly untrue.  Given the politicized atmosphere that seems to have afflicted our set, I don’t see how I can return to Transparent.”  It should be noted that he didn’t have a contract for next season.

The Final Frontier

This week, man has gone where no man has gone before – the first gay kiss in Star Trek history.  Or, more correctly, the first gay kiss in Star Trek history that we’ve seen.  According to John Cho, his Sulu did share a kiss with his male partner in the last film – but it was cut.  That left Star Trek: Discovery to feature the first same-sex lip lock between Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz (who basically comes in, says a line or two, and then disappears each episode – but a gig’s a gig).  In case you missed it, you can see the smooching on

Daley’s Dolce Drama

Last week was an exciting one for Tom Daley – he walked in his first fashion show.  That excitement was tempered when he was widely criticized for accepting the invitation of Dolce & Gabbana, a fashion team whose anti-gay views are notorious.  The fashion show took place at Harrods in London.  And not just in a department store, but in the food hall.  So, basically, he made his modeling debut in the Pick ‘n Save!  And there were Tom and husband Dustin Lance Black, beaming in that vapid, oblivious way – more “models” than “role models”.  But if you’re interested, you can see Tom walk and talk at the same time on our website.

This leads perfectly into our Ask Billy question from Gary in Miami: “You wrote about Shawn Mendes a couple of weeks ago.  And now Tom Daley says he wants to have sex with him.  So is he gay or not?”

I want to have sex with lots of people – that doesn’t make them gay (or interested).  Tom not only said that Mendes is his celebrity crush, he also said that DLB could film them in the act – how magnanimous.  Tom likes to document everything he does, even trying on pants in the D&G dressing room.  I give kudos to anyone who can look good being shot from below!  But I wonder if there was a bit of off-camera fluffing.  Why?  Well, for something that’s been smushed in a Speedo for years, there’s a lot of flopping about – as you’ll see on

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