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Gay Soap Stud Secrets

Without further ado, we bring you more of Billy’s Holiday Gift Giving Suggestions.  Thom Bierdz has the distinction of not only being the first openly gay actor to appear as a regular on a daytime drama, he also played a character who was openly gay.  Of course, neither the actor nor the character started out that way.  When Phillip Chancellor III was killed off of The Young and the Restless in 1989, Bierdz went into something of a freefall.  When his character returned from the dead 20 years later – as soap characters do – it was revealed that he faked his death because he wanted to live openly as a gay man.  If you think that sounds bizarre, wait till you read Young, Gay & Restless.  It’s a gripping story of a handsome young man trying to make it in Hollywood, hitting the heights of daytime drama one day, and then bartending at the Soap Opera Digest Awards the next.  Dichotomy is a regular part of Bierdz’s life.  While he was being pursued by some of the best-looking men in Hollywood, he was still feeling inadequate about his looks and took some drastic measures to change them.  Throw in one brother who committed suicide and another who killed their mother, and you have a story that’s stranger than fiction.  By the way, Bierdz is marking his second appearance on our Gift Giving list.  His previous book about the murder of his mother, Forgiving Troy, made our list in 2009.  You can get his books – and his artwork – at

Rita Returns to Roots

Whoever said you can never go home again never met Rita Moreno.  The 86-year-old EGOT winner is having a third act that rivals her first two.  Not only is she enjoying major success on the Netflix reboot of One Day at a Time, but she’s returning to her roots.  As you know, Moreno won her Oscar playing Anita in the film version of West Side Story.  With Steven Spielberg poised to shoot a remake next year, Rita has joined the cast and will be playing Valentina.  If you don’t remember her, you ain’t alone – the character didn’t exist.  Valentina is actually based on the original character of Doc, who was Tony’s boss at the corner store.  By the by, Moreno will also be one of the executive producers of the flick!  Felicidades!!

Kid Rock Takes on Behar

I may be powerful, but I am nothing next to Joy Behar.  She managed to get Kid Rock fired from being grand marshal of Nashville’s Christmas Parade without doing a thing!  It all started when Kid appeared on Fox & Friends to promote the parade.  “The division in the country right now, it’s so hard for people just to get past that we can disagree and still be cordial with one another.  God forbid you say something a little wrong – you’re racist, homophobic, Islamophobic.  People need to calm down, get a little less politically correct.”  Until that point, he had me.  Then he took that extra step.  “And I would say love everybody.  Except I’d say screw that Joy Behar bitch.  Everybody but that!”  Well, co-host Steve Doocy jumped in and said, “You cannot say that.  We apologize for that.”  Later, anchor Ainsley Earhardt said, “We do need to apologize.  We don’t feel that way about Joy Behar.  We don’t condone that language.”  Of course, since this happened an hour before The View, it was catnip for the co-hosts.  Sunny Hostin said, “You come for one of us, you come for all of us.”  Behar, who has been around longer than most, seemed to enjoy the added attention.  “All I can say is this bitch and these bitches would be happy to have you on the show and have a beer.”  The fracas got kicked up a notch when a spokesperson for the mayor of Nashville said, “If Kid Rock is still the grand marshal tomorrow, the mayor is inclined not to participate.”  Needless to say, Kid was out and the mayor was in.  But he can always go have a beer with the ladies of The View.

Chaka Khan Floats

Speaking of things in a bowl, we hear that Chaka Khan will be the Grand Marshal for the Rose Bowl Parade.  She’s even going to be on the float!  Of course, I suspect it’ll be hard to tell where the dress ends and the float begins.


When everything’s coming up Chaka, it’s time to end another column.  Before we hit New Year’s, we’ve got scads of celebrating to do at – the site that can stuff more than just your stocking.  Send your questions to, and I promise to get back to you before de Havilland says, “Let them eat cake!”  Until next time, remember, one man’s filth is another man’s bible.

Danny Roberts Returns

Remember Danny Roberts from The Real World: New Orleans?  Way back in 2000, he was dating someone in the military whose face was blurred – back then you could be drummed out of the service for being gay.  We hadn’t heard much about Danny in recent years – except for an erect nude photo of dubious veracity which you can still find on our website.  Roberts recently slipped back into the spotlight via an interview with Entertainment Weekly, where he revealed three things: 1) he’s living in NYC, 2) he’s adopted a two-year-old girl, 3) he’s HIV-positive.  Apparently he found out his HIV status in 2011 after passing out and waking up in a pool of blood.  While he doesn’t go into detail about the passing out or pool of blood, he says this about his status: “The last thing I ever want is pity.  I just want people to know and be aware.  I knew so little myself so I get it.”

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