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RuPaul Gets Married

Hot off his engagement to Beverly Hills florist Jeff Leatham, Colton Haynes has changed his online bio: “Uncle.  Soon to be father.  Traveler.  Actor.  Goof.”  Soon to be father?  How soon?  In an Instagram photo of him swimming, he wrote, “Covering that layer of pregnancy while I can.”

Soccer star Robbie Rogers says he’ll soon marry television producer Greg Berlanti.  The two had a child via surrogate a year ago, and got engaged last New Year’s Eve.  Specifics are sketchy.  “Sometime in December.  We’re not quite sure yet.  We don’t have a venue yet.”  But do they have a florist?

RuPaul recently announced that he married his longtime companion Georges LeBar in January.  It was the 23rd anniversary of when they met – on the dance floor at Limelight in New York in 1994 (ah, Limelight).  Why did they finally tie the knot?  “We were looking into it really for tax breaks and financial reasons.”  How romantic!  If you didn’t know Ru had a partner, you’re not alone.  “He doesn’t care about show business – he couldn’t care less.  Most of the time, he’s on the ranch in Wyoming.  But he doesn’t want me to come there.  God bless you, Wyoming, but it’s very boring, and it’s the most isolated place on Earth.”  With the RuPaul renaissance, there’s another project in the works.  J.J. Abrams is producing a half-hour dramedy based on Ru’s early years in NYC.  The show will focus on the tyke’s rise from club kid to global icon. Many of you still believe that I wanted Proof, starring Katherine Heigl and Laverne Cox, to fail.  Not true – I simply knew it WOULD fail.  Happily, Cox has bounced back with a new TV series.  Interesting enough, her role in The Trustee was not written for a transgender person.  The show is a female police buddy drama and someone thought, “Hmm, why couldn’t one of those cops be transgender?”  Why not indeed.  The show is being produced by Elizabeth Banks and hopes to get on ABC‘s schedule next season.

Sex and the City 3

The first woman Cynthia Nixon ever kissed was her wife!  “I had never dated a woman before or even kissed a woman or anything, and so when we started seeing each other, Christine kept waiting for the other shoe to drop – for me to panic about what this would mean to my career or to myself, as if somehow I just hadn’t noticed that she was a woman.”  There may be a good reason she didn’t notice.  Nixon once said Christine was “like a short man with boobs”.  I know some men who fit that description!

Several outlets reported that a new Sex and the City film was happening.  False.  I recently spoke with someone very close to the project, and found out that nothing is definite.  The only thing everyone agrees on is the plot.  All four ladies like the outline.  A script was ordered.  Sarah Jessica allegedly did not like the first draft, feeling it departed from the tone of the original too much.  And that’s where it stands.  Once SJP sees a script she likes, the other girls have to approve it.  Then all the logistics of scheduling need to be worked out.  So, it’ll be a while.

More Disney Remakes

You all know about Russia’s plan to ban Disney‘s live-action version of Beauty and the Beast because it shows LeFou (played by Josh Gad) dancing with another male character.  Well, Russia backed down.  Instead, the film was slapped with an “adults-only” rating – like it was Last Tango in Paris!  I never thought I’d see the day when an NC-17 rating was given to any Disney film – other than Song of the South!

Hong Kong and Singapore had similar concerns.  But it was the Malaysian censors who demanded the scene be cut because in Malaysia, it’s illegal to engage in any homosexual activity – including dancing, apparently.  “The film has not been and will not be cut for Malaysia,” said Disney.  The Mouse prevailed and the film will debut on March 30th – with a PG-13 rating.  Since the announcement, various non-government organizations have filed complaints with the Malaysian government.  The first came from Abdul Rani Kulup Abdullah, the president of the Pertubuhan Martabat Jalinan Muhibbah.  I’m not exactly sure what he said – I’m not exactly sure I typed his (or the group’s) name right!  But, as I always say, you’re not a success until someone is protesting you.

Remember the days when the release of a new Disney feature was a big deal?  There was such excitement when The Little Mermaid came out in 1989, ushering in a new era of animation.  Then we had to wait two years until Beauty and the Beast.  Sure, we had those lesser films like Oliver & Company and The Rescuers – far be it from me to disparage the work of Eva Gabor.  But anticipation was key.  So why is the company hell-bent on flooding the market with live-action versions of every successful animated feature?  OK, I enjoyed seeing Angelina as Maleficent, but did we need The Jungle Book?  Or Alice in Wonderland?  Now there’s this Beauty and the Beast which neither I nor Angela Lansbury thinks was necessary.  And there’s more in the works.  Call me crazy, but I don’t want to see anyone shooting a live deer for Bambi.  If I want to watch little people dancing and singing, I’ll turn on TLC instead of a new Snow White.  There’s a song-free Mulan in the works, and a casting call for “Middle Eastern types” went out for a new Aladdin (to be directed by Guy Ritchie).  There’s a new Lion King which will, inexplicably, star James Earl Jones again as Mufasa.  Frankly, I think Disney crossed a line with the upcoming live-action Dumbo.  Sure, Colin Farrell isn’t the picture of physical fitness – but he’s no elephant!

Lindsay Lohan is angling to star as the live-action Little Mermaid, and composer Alan Menken has his eye on an ideal villainess.  “I’ve wanted Harvey Fierstein to play Ursula.  I would kill for that!”  He’s not alone.  Fans have deluged Harvey with artist’s renderings of Fierstein in fish regalia.  “Oh, Menken, what have you started?  Ha!!!!”

Trevor Donovan x 2

Who says you can’t go home again?  Actor Trevor Donovan recreated his iconic nude photo shoot from 2004.  How does the 38-year-old stack up against his 25-year-old self?  Well, his ass looks better.  So does his hair.  As to the rest of him, I’ll post the pics on and you can decide for yourself.

Hedwig Kissed a Boy

“I remember going for this one dude…who I basically roughed up quite a bit.
He had make-up on him and everything.  He came backstage.
He was a good sport about it.  A couple comes in afterwards and goes,
‘Do you know who that was?  That’s our favorite gay porn star.’
So this guy was putting on airs.  He’s clearly seen more than I ever have.”
Darren Criss tells Conan O’Brien about making out with a gay porn star during a performance of
Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway.  Which begs the question – which one?
I’m betting it’s one of Michael Lucas‘ boys – or Lucas himself!