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    You have probably heard horror stories about people becoming addicted to sleeping pills. You may also know that sleeping pills often come with negative physical side-effects. However, what isn’t commonly known is that prescription medications actually have a very poor record regarding the purpose for which they were designed – curing insomnia.

    One reason for this is due to the chemical impact on your body. When used for more than a couple of weeks, there is a chance that you will

    a) become addicted
    b) will become tolerant to the drug, and will require higher doses in order to achieve the same effect

    The real problems begin when the insomnia sufferer attempts to stop taking the drug. A very common and particularly unpleasant side-effect is ‘rebound insomnia’ which refers to the bout of severe insomnia which often occurs when the drug is stopped. This insomnia can often be worse than the original problem. For some, it is so bad that they see no alternative but to start taking the medication again. This is often how quite healthy, sane people become addicted to sleeping pills.

    However, perhaps more dangerous is the psychological effect of taking sleeping pills.

    Think about it: every time you take a pill to help you sleep, you send the following message to you conscious and unconscious mind “I cannot sleep buy zolpidem without prescription a pill, I cannot sleep on my own, I am an insomniac”. This means that every time you take a sleeping pill you are weakening your belief and trust in your own ability to sleep. Thus taking a sleeping pill greatly increases the chance that your short term sleep problem will turn chronic and could even last a lifetime.

    The ability to sleep, naturally and unaided is the dream of every insomniac. Unfortunately, there is not a single prescription sleeping pill which can give you this.

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