A Schocking Set of Nudes

The difference between a flirt and a tease is that a tease won’t follow through.  I, Billy Masters, am more of a flirt.  In fact, I’m what you’d call a sure thing.  Alas, I feel as if I’ve been teasing you with these weekly reports about Aaron Schock.  So let’s say right off the bat – I’m delivering.  To catch you up, the hunky former Congressman has been everywhere since the video of him seemingly fishing around in the pants of a male dance partner at Coachella went viral.  Apparently he’s been busy in public and in private.  For months, people have whispered of clandestine same-sex hookups with guys he’s encountered on various apps.  Nothing came of those whispers…until now.

A veritable treasure trove of unidentified nude photos just fell into our hot little hands – and, naturally, you can see them on BillyMasters.com.  Aside from the obvious resemblance to our Downton Abbey loving subject, what I find intriguing is that most of them focus on the guy in question’s ass.  The person in these photos vehemently says he’s a top – although more than one of his prospective partners has said that the person in the pics “prefers topping”, but says he will bottom.  Kinda like a vegan who occasionally has a pot roast!  Back to these butt photos – let’s just say they show angles that typically only turn up in proctological examinations.  In addition to the nude pix at various angles showing a body and face that bear a striking resemblance to the proudly straight Schock, we also received a jerk-off video.  Again, lots of focus on the ass, but we do see him fully aroused…in addition to his face.  What will he do for an encore?  After all, it is Pride Month.

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