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07-16-20 (S01E32): Sue O’Connell, Rachel Mason, Chi Chi LaRue
07-14-20 (S01E31): Billy’s Favorite Divas – Marilyn, Andrea, Sheryl Lee, Jenifer
07-09-20 (S01E30): Chi Chi LaRue, Bruce Vilanch, Chad Hunt
07-07-20 (S01E29): Ari Gold, Eric Himan
07-02-20 (S01E28): Billy Gilman, Sam Harris
06-30-20 (S01E27): Tom Judson, David Pevsner, Florian Klein
06-25-20 (S01E26): Frank DeCaro, Alaska Thunderfuck, Chad Michaels, Kay Sedia
06-23-20 (S01E25): David Drake, Charles Busch, Wesley Taylor
06-18-20 (S01E24): Levi Kreis, Eddie Shapiro
06-16-20 (S01E23): Thomas Roberts, Steve Kmetko
06-11-20 (S01E22): LA Virtual Pride @ 50 – Momma, Pauley Perrette, Olivia Newton-John
06-09-20 (S01E21): Tribute to Joan Rivers – Jackie Beat, Charles Busch, Frank Marino
06-04-20 (S01E20): Frank DeCaro, John Epperson, Jimmy James, Steve Brinberg
06-02-20 (S01E19): Billy’s Anniversary to Kurt Young, Lady Bunny, John Duran
05-28-20 (S01E18): Judy Gold, Wendy Liebman
05-26-20 (S01E17): Emerson Collins, Blake McIver, Scott Nevins
05-21-20 (S01E16): Gloria Allred, Sue O’Connell
05-19-20 (S01E15): Michele Lee, Charles Busch
05-14-20 (S01E14): Faith Prince, Randy Roberts, John McDaniel
05-12-20 (S01E13): Alec Mapa, Bruce Vilanch, Jackie Beat
05-07-20 (S01E12): Darlene Love, Marc Shaiman, Paul Shaffer
05-05-20 (S01E11): Greg Louganis, Sue O’Connell, Kent Ferguson
04-30-20b (S01E10): Roslyn Kind, Richard Jay-Alexander (Part 2)
04-30-20a (S01E10): Roslyn Kind, Michael Musto, Michael Orland (Part 1)
04-30-20 (S01E10): Roslyn Kind, Michael Musto, Michael Orland, Richard Jay-Alexander
04-28-20b (S01E09): Bob Mackie and Anita Pointer (Part 2)
04-28-20a (S01E09): Bob Mackie and Anita Pointer (Part 1)
04-28-20 (S01E09): Bob Mackie and Anita Pointer
04-23-20 (S01E08): Kevin Spirtas, Mitchell Anderson, Bill Brochtrup
04-21-20 (S01E07): Jenifer Lewis, Marc Shaiman, Jerry Mitchell, Mark Alton Brown
04-16-20 (S01E06): Fran Drescher and Peter Marc Jacobson
04-14-20 (S01E05): Varla Jean Merman and Judy Gold
04-09-20 (S01E04): Sheryl Lee Ralph, Sam Harris, Marilyn Maye and Randy Roberts
04-09-20 (S01E04): Sheryl Lee Ralph, Marilyn Maye and Randy Roberts (Part 1)
04-09-20 (S01E04): Sheryl Lee Ralph, Sam Harris (Part 2)
04-07-20 (S01E03): Andrea Martin, Bruce Vilanch, Marc Shaiman
04-02-20 (S01E02): Steve Kmetko, James Duke Mason

03-31-20 (S01E01): Charles Busch, John Jude Duran
03-26-20 (Last Preview): First Official Show – Gary and Larry Lane, Erin Quill
03-25-20: (2nd Preview) – Richard Jay-Alexander
03-23-20 (1st Preview): Preview

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