13 September 2021

“If you want the most dramatic season ever, do an LGBT version. 
I think maybe it’s the time for The Bachelor to do a gay Bachelor.
Lance Bass pitches his idea to ABC.  You may recall that Bass hosted Finding Prince Charming
which managed to find the hottest (and most judgmental) gay escort in America. 
Maybe Lance is simply looking for his next gig.

You can let out a collective sigh of relief – I’ve made it to Europe.  Oh, it was dicey for a while.  But never let it be said I can’t talk my way in – and out – of anything.  There’s nothing like being in a foreign country to get a fresh perspective on the US.  When I landed, reports about the removal of Robert E. Lee’s statue from the Virginia capital were all over the local news.  Europeans viewed it as Americans trying to erase history – as if such a thing were possible.  I was quick to point out that I haven’t come across many statues of Hitler in downtown Berlin!  Still, I’m torn on the subject – primarily because Robert E. Lee figures prominently in one of my go-to songs, “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down”.  Of course, that refers to Lee’s defeat, so it’s probably OK.


I thought it was a big deal that Dancing with the Stars is having JoJo Siwa compete with a female partner.  JoJo may be annoying, but the situation is still historic…until you realize that England had two women dancing together on Strictly Come Dancing last year.  I’m far more interested that the UK show will feature sexy John Whaite from The Great British Bake Off competing with a male partner this year!  Once again, advantage Brits.  Of course, we have Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby competing on DWTS.  And, yes, he’s gay.  But he has been partnered with Cheryl Burke – ‘cause they obviously want him to win.

Strictly actually had higher aspirations than a gay baker.  They had hoped to snare newly anointed Olympic gold medalist, Tom Daley.  However, between buffing his medal and knitting his cozies, he’s a little busy.  Still, he somehow found time to pen a new memoir.  Coming Up For Air will be released in October.  It is the follow-up to his previous memoir, My Story, which was released when he was 18!  Of course, since then he’s had quite a life – he got married, had a kid, and is now able to drink legally!  He’s also in talks to write a series of children’s books.  Busy, busy.

Back to Dancing with the Stars – I’m curious how long Olivia Jade will last.  You remember her – the daughter of Lori Loughlin who was at the center of the Varsity Blues scandal.  Apparently she no longer uses the Giannulli name – for obvious reasons.  Maybe I’m in the minority, but I’m happy to see her on DWTS – if only to watch her fall with a thud, or get cheered on by her friends on the USC crew team.  And I’m also looking forward to watching Brian Austin Green, who always seems sexy and dangerous.  Yes, even I can’t believe it – calling David from 90210 sexy and dangerous!


While I’m already mourning the summer, the fall means a new season of The View.  The co-hosts returned to the studio for the first time in over a year with a socially distanced table, a studio audience, and a new theme song (which I don’t like).  They also changed their seating arrangement – something I don’t anticipate lasting long once Sunny realizes she is being shot from her bad side.  Still, when the ladies of The View are back in the studio, all is right with the world.

Recently departed View co-host Meghan McCain has moved on to her next job – she is the newest columnist for The Daily Mail.  I know she wanted something she could do from home in DC, but surely there were other options.  Basically, she’s a more masculine Piers Morgan!  She put on a brave face, saying how happy she was to get back to her writing roots – she started out as a columnist for The Daily Beast.  I’m guessing, they didn’t ask her to return.


ABBA is BACK!  You may recall we told you three years ago that the quartet went into the studio and quietly recorded two new songs which were to be used in some sort of hologram concert.  With all the delays, Benny called the group and said, “Maybe we should do a few others.”  Next thing you know, ABBA is releasing “Voyage”, a collection of 10 new tracks, their first new material in over 40 years.  It drops on November 5th.  As to that new show, it is also called ABBA Voyage.  The full quartet performed in front of over 150 cameras and video geniuses.  After doing the whole show over and over for five weeks, it was converted into a digital wonder.  And instead of calling them avatars, these are called ABBAtars.  The virtual ABBAs will be joined by a 10-piece band performing 22 of their greatest hits.  Opening night is at a specially constructed arena in London on May 27, 2022.


Fans of Billy Masters LIVE (which will be back next month) will remember my chat with writer Christopher Rice.  He told us plans were moving ahead for a TV series based on his mom Anne Rice’s book, Interview with the Vampire.  Initial casting for the AMC series has been announced.  Lestat will be played by Australian actor Sam Reid.  Louis will be played by Jacob Anderson, a British actor you may have seen on Game of Thrones.  The series has been given an eight-episode commitment and is set to begin filming later this year.


About a month ago, the media reported about a new Catholic Church scandal when a large number of priests were discovered on Grindr.  That would be bad enough, but the investigation was prompted by news that at least 16 different mobile devices were logging into the gay hook-up app from “non-public areas of the Vatican City” – which means housing and the rectory (I will refrain from my usual rectory joke).  We hear that a new list of priests found on the app is about to go public.

Earlier this summer, Monsignor Jeffrey Burrill resigned.  Burrill was the administrator for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.  In addition to this prestigious position, he was seen in some other positions in various gay bathhouses and on Grindr.  And Burrill wasn’t the only resignation.  A Brazilian bishop was asked to tender his resignation to the Pope after two videos of him “pleasuring himself” during a video chat were leaked.  Bishop Tomé Ferreira da Silva confirmed that he was in the video and that it was leaked by a “close associate”.  Talk about being defrocked!


We’re thrilled to send congrats out to Garrett Clayton, who married longtime beau Blake Knight.  The twosome tied the knot at Walt Disney’s estate in Los Angeles, and each groom was escorted down the aisle by his mom.  Adding to the fun was Alicia Silverstone, who officiated.  Congrats.


Our Ask Billy question comes from Aaron in Dallas, who writes, “What do you know about Evan Mock on Gossip Girl?  I think he’s a model-turned-actor, and seems pretty convincing in his scenes with Max.”

I haven’t watched a single episode of Gossip Girl – the reboot or the original.  But after seeing Evan Mock and Thomas Doherty, I’m a believer.  I know you asked about Evan…but Thomas is swoonable.  He was also named “one of the 50 fittest boys in the world” by Vogue when he was 22 (he’s now 26).  So that explains all the nudity…and the abs.  Back to Evan.  Mock is a model, actor, and skateboarder.  His big break was after Frank Ocean posted a video of him skateboarding – which answers some questions, and leaves us with others.  Two of his best friends are Justin Bieber and Travis Scott.  In spite of all that, Mock identifies as heterosexual.  But happily he shows a good amount of skin on Gossip Girl – and on


When I’m writing extensively about two guys I’ve never heard of, it’s definitely time to end yet another column.  Isn’t that just like me?  Aaron asks about one guy, and I spend most of the answer telling you about the other.  And you’ll find even more men on – the site that always delivers a little extra.  Yes, I made it into Europe.  The question remains – will I make it out?  Not much of a question – after two weeks of Billy Masters, any country is jubilant to see me go!  If you have a real question, send it along to me at, and I promise to get back to you before my moving tribute to Joan Baez!  Until next time, remember, one man’s filth is another man’s bible.

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