19 June 2017

“Well, I hope he doesn’t, because I won’t perform if he does. 
Because I hate the motherfucker.  How’s that?”
Patti LuPone, when asked on the Tony Awards‘ red carpet why President Trump should come see
the show she’s in,  War Paint.  She was then asked why she wouldn’t perform for him. 
You don’t ask LuPone a question if you ain’t ready for the answer!

With Gay Pride Month swiftly drawing to a close, some people are still irked that President Trump has not even mentioned it.  But one gay man did something about it.  Nikos Giannopoulos was named Rhode Island’s “Teacher of the Year” and as part of that honor, he got to visit the White House and meet Donald and Melania.  For the visit, Nikos accessorized with a fan – an actual fan…you know, in case he got the vapors!  When asked what the president thought, Nikos told NPR, “Oh, he loved it!  I popped it open when I walked into the office because I’m a very sassy person.  And Trump complimented it right away.  He said, ‘I love the fan!’  And he told me I had great style.  Then, when I was ushered in for my private photo with the president and Melania, I was told I should put it away.  So I just folded it up and held it at my side.  But when it came time for the photo, I just asked the president, ‘Do you mind if I use the fan for the photo?’  He said, ‘Absolutely, go for it.’  So I popped my fan and did my pose.”  To recap, he asked the president “Do you mind if I use the fan?”, and the president said, “Absolutely.”  Geez, you’d think a teacher would have caught that!  But it is a pretty fabulous photo, which we’ll post on our website.

Everyone was shocked when a crazed gunman started shooting at Republicans preparing for a charity baseball game.  Lots of praise has gone to DC officers Crystal Griner and her partner David Bailey, who neutralized the shooter.  But what most haven’t mentioned is that Crystal’s life partner and spouse is Tiffany Dyar.  It’s ironic that Representative Steve Scalise, who is against same-sex marriage, had his life saved by a lesbian!  I’m just sayin’.


I know many of my readers love Colton Haynes.  And, sure, he’s cute.  But I am kinda over him.  Perhaps I expect too much, but I really don’t enjoy someone using the coming out process for publicity.  And crying about how hard he had it.  Please.  Not that successful, beautiful people don’t have problems.  It really is such a burden!  Colton’s latest stop on the whining tour was on Andy Cohen (so to speak).  “I was literally told from the day that I moved to Los Angeles that I could not be gay because I wouldn’t work.  Then I was with my management team and team of people that just literally told me I couldn’t be this way.”  They told him – perhaps at gunpoint – that he had to do it their way.  Mind you, Haynes wasn’t a child.  By the time he got to Hollywood at 19, he had been a successful model for several years.  So it’s not like he didn’t have a say in his own life.  It’s just creating more of this “victim drama”.  I would have much more respect for him if he said, “I was afraid to come out,” or “I didn’t want to jeopardize my career,” or “I was fucked up.”  But to put the blame on others and present yourself as a spineless puppet – well, it doesn’t make him very attractive in my book.

Time for a rare mid-column blind item.  Could it be that someone in our community who is recently engaged is going down a familiar path?  It’s certainly not a path which worked out any better for him the last few times.  From what I hear, this foxy fella has once again handed over the reigns to his business, career, and life to yet another individual – who will inevitably screw him over, and he’ll then cry about it.  It’s like the opposite of Pavlov’s Dog – which is ironic because sexually, he’s quite adept at doing it doggy style.


Steve Grand has released a new single, just in time for the summer.  “Walking” is a fun, poppy song.  According to Steve, “I am donating 100% of the net proceeds of my new song ‘Walking’ to Rainbow Railroad – a charity with the mission to ‘help Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans individuals find a safe haven from state-sponsored violence, murder and persecution.'”   Needless to say, the promotional video includes a fair number of skin shots you’ve come to expect from Grand, which led one gay website to take an interesting poll: Do you think Steve Grand is successful because he has real talent or because he’s so sexy?  I don’t need to tell you the answer, do I?  But, do catch Steve in what I’d call “minute 12” of his career all summer long at the Provincetown Art House

For the past few years, the divine Charles Busch has been embarking on a cabaret career.  And he’s made a decision – he’ll be spending more time onstage as a boy.  “What I love about cabaret – and it’s been a chapter in my life the last five years as a cabaret performer – is just how intimate it is and just how true to yourself you have to be.  And, surprisingly, after 40 years in drag I can actually be myself and still be dressed as a lady.  But at a certain point I was feeling about the drag, why am I doing it at all?  It seems so superfluous.”  Of course, I’ve seen him do several shows in boy drag and he was just as captivating and engaging.  But don’t get nervous.  “I’m not giving up drag.  Please make that clear.  I still believe in it and it’s what I do.  In plays and movies…I’ll still play female characters.  That is what I do best.  But in cabaret I like being just so true to my own persona.”  He intends to treat his fall engagements as a coming out for the male character in a new show called Charles Busch: My Kinda 60s.


Speaking of drag, RuPaul was recently musing about how he brought drag to mainstream America.  He pinpoints it to an appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show in 1993.  “I took the sexualized raunchiness out.  The glamazon supermodel was a caricature that you could bring home to meet mom and dad.  I was well-spoken.  I was Miss Black America.”  But he also knew to take this step, he’d have to leave some of the more outrageous parts of his act behind in the clubs.  “I knew, based on the questions I was asked, that my days of having fun in drag were over.  It was clear I had to represent a faction of society that didn’t have a voice.”

Two spawns of the RuPaul empire are doing their duty and bringing drag to the Middle East!  Shangela and Alyssa are entertaining the troops in Amman, Jordan.  And apparently they were greeted by record numbers.  Over the past year, RuPaul’s Drag Race was distributed via Netflix in 224 countries – including Jordan.  “We had no idea we have so many Drag Race lovers in Amman!!  Sending u lots and lots of LOVE!”  There was one negative side to the trip.  “Due to our tight schedule (and, of course, in respect to the observance of Ramadan) we won’t be able to do a public meet-up, however please know that we love you and hope to come back again.  Stay Fabulous!!”


In a recent interview, Laverne Cox revealed that she was in a four-year relationship with someone she describes as an “emotionally abusive alcoholic”.  “I believed that because I was black and trans, he was the only man who would ever love me.  The relationship almost killed me.”  As I tell people all the time, the most important thing to remember is that you deserve better.  Never settle for less just because someone says you should.

Golden boy Matt Bomer isn’t getting much love regarding his latest project.  In the film Anything, he plays a transgender woman who is a sex worker.  Not surprisingly, the trans community took umbrage at the role being played by a non-trans actor.  GLAAD even came out against the project, saying, “Yet another painful reminder that, in the eyes of so many people, transgender women are really just men.  That message is toxic and dangerous.”  The film’s executive producer, Mark Ruffalo, says the casting was inspired after he worked with Bomer on The Normal Heart.  In the film, a widower moves to LA to be near his sister and meets a neighbor (Bomer).  According to reports, “They must confront their complicated pasts before embarking on a future together.”  And, I’m sure, hilarity ensues!  You can see an advance clip on


Our Ask Billy question comes from Steven in Los Angeles: “I’ve been hooked on American Gods ever since you ran that nude clip.  I heard there’s a sex tape of Ricky Whittle floating around.  Have you seen it?  Do you have it?”

I have, and I do.  But it isn’t exactly a sex tape.  It’s yet another one of those jerk-off videos of a celebrity that routinely gets leaked.  In this case, Ricky was communicating with someone via Skype and decides to pleasure his monstrously large appendage.  It’s pretty hot, and he’s in incredible shape – as you’ll see on

colorbar1When we’re featuring both gods and monsters, it’s definitely time to end yet another column.  I hope you all had a happy Father’s Day.  If there’s one thing I enjoy, it’s a hot daddy!  And you can find both dads and lads on – the site that’s fun for the whole family!  If you have a question, feel free to send it along to me at and I promise to get back to you before someone casts Colton Haynes as Pinocchio!  So, until next time, remember, one man’s filth is another man’s bible.

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