Leading Men Heading to Bway

George Clooney is poised to make his Broadway debut in a stage adaptation of his 2005 film Good Night, and Good Luck.  Like the film, the play will center on Edward R. Murrow’s skirmishes with Senator Joseph McCarthy.  It is due to open sometime next spring.

It should be noted that a few other famous fellas will also be turning up on the Great White Way next season, including Denzel Washington, Jake Gyllenhaal, Peter Gallagher and Kit Connor.  Then there’s Robert Downey Jr. – who appeared in the film version of Good Night, and Good Luck with Clooney.  He’ll beat George to Broadway when he stars in a new play called McNeal, about an acclaimed writer struggling with his next project – until he becomes fascinated with AI.  It starts previews on September 5th and opens on the 30th.


I can thank my lucky stars that I saw Ian McKellen last month in Player Kings in London’s West End because it is entirely possible that could have been his last stage appearance.  After taking a tumble off stage, he bowed out of the show for the last two weeks of the run in London – David Semark took on Sir Ian’s role of Falstaff.  At the time, we heard that despite injuries to his wrist and neck, McKellen would still lead a tour with the show this summer.  Alas, that was wishful thinking.  “It is with the greatest reluctance that I have accepted the medical advice to protect my full recovery by not working in the meantime.”  He hastened to add, “Doctors have assured me that my recovery will be complete and speedy and I look forward to returning to work.”

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