Freaky, Stonewall, and Wicked

Yes, Pride Month is in our rear-view mirror, but there was one notable event that happened at the tail end.  On June 28th, the Stonewall National Monument and Visitor Center had a gala opening which was attended by a number of luminaries.  Spotted in the crowd were Elton John, Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Collins, Michael Kors, Courtney Act, Katy Perry, and even President Biden.  During his remarks, Joe said, “This beloved bar became the site of a call to cry for freedom, dignity and equality and respect.  Rebellion that galvanized the LGBTQ+ community all across the nation and quite frankly, around the world…To this day, Stonewall remains a symbol of legacy and leader of the LGBTQ+ community, especially trans women of color who, for generations, have been at the forefront of helping realize the promise of America, for all Americans.”  He added, “We remain in a battle for the soul of America.  But I look around at the pride, hope and light that all of you bring, and I know it’s a battle we are going to win and continue to make progress.”  Try and picture that speech being made by President Trump!


Elsewhere in NYC, the current Elphaba in Wicked proclaimed herself a proud member of our community.  Mary Kate Morrissey made an appearance at NYC Pride and belted out “Defying Gravity” while wearing a tee that said “Here, Queer, & Wicked” (I personally wouldn’t have used that last comma, but it’s a stylistic choice).  Brava.


Several spawn of celebrities used Pride Month to come out.  Louisa Jacobson, the daughter of Meryl Streep, proclaimed her proclivities.  Joining her is Melissa Etheridge’s daughter Bailey, who has announced her engagement to girlfriend Jocelyn Simone.  By the by, I had no idea that Bailey’s last name is a combination of both Melissa and Julie Cypher’s last names – Cypheridge!  And did you know Sophia Bush is gay?  After two failed marriages (Chad Michael Murray and Grant Hughes), she is now dating soccer player Ashlyn Harris.  After her last divorce, a friend said, “I don’t just think he was not the right person for you – I also don’t actually think you like men!”  Everyone should have a friend in their life as direct as that.  Now, if only someone could convince Chad Michael Murray that he should be with a man, I could sleep well…or, preferably, not.


And that leads us to another story involving the lovely CMM.  Production has just begun on a sequel to Freaky Friday.  Last week, Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan were photographed on the set of the new film, which will also reunite them with Chad Michael Murray, Mark Harmon, and others from the original.

Continuing the reunion theme, Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are in talks for a second Practical Magic.  While I don’t know anyone who has been longing for this reteaming, good for them.


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