Things Look Up for Spacey

It has been nearly three years since Kevin Spacey allegedly groped an underage busboy at the Club Car club in Nantucket.  For those of you who don’t get out much, lemme briefly recap.  Kevin was at this bar and took a shine to an 18-year-old busboy named Will Little.  Little texted his girlfriend saying that Spacey was “hanging around me in the bar.  He got my number and asked me to come out with him.”  Red Flag No. 1 – how did Spacey get his number?  From another employee?  Perhaps from a bathroom wall?  Or, most likely, from the busboy himself.  Who knows.  Will’s girlfriend texted back, “Are you kidding?  Sounds like he’s hitting on you” – because this girl isn’t stupid.  Little texted back, “I think he is.  He’s grabbing my leg and [BLANK]” – the word has been redacted, but I think we all know what [BLANK] is.  Then Will texted back, “I’m not gay – but I think Spacey is.”  Red Flag No. 2 – why is Will telling his girlfriend “I’m not gay”?  Doesn’t she already know that?  Or does she?  Then Will said, “He’s grabbed my [BLANK] 8 times.  He’s pissed I’m texting.  I told him I had a girlfriend”.  Red Flag No. 3 – how long is a “not gay” guy going to hang out with someone grabbing their [BLANK]?  Your choices are: a) long enough for him to grab you eight times, b) as long as he keeps buying the drinks, or c) I’m not gay.

Let me stop for a moment to make one thing perfectly clear – I believe Will Little.  I completely believe that Spacey was predatory towards this underaged guy.  But why did Will stay?  That’s my question.  Another question was brought up to me on NECN’s The Take – why were the bartenders serving a fellow employee who they knew was not of age?  Seems to me there are more questions than answers.

Some of those questions could be answered with Will’s cell phone.  It’s been alleged by Spacey’s attorney that the timeline of the messages as well as the content is crucial.  Specifically, the lawyer points out that Will’s final message to his “girlfriend” said, “I got the autographs and a hell of a story.”  The mouthpiece contends that the text messages do not “indicate the interaction was unwelcomed.”   It’s also been reported that Mr. Little’s mother may have redacted certain content on the phone that didn’t paint her son in a particularly positive light.  The judge ordered that the phone be turned over to Spacey’s team for examination by July 8th.  So far, they have not complied.  Why not?  While the police did examine the phone, their records indicate it was returned to Will’s father.  But Mr. Little says he has no recollection of ever receiving the phone back.  The family’s attorney claims that they have “searched all the places where such a phone may have been stored.  They have not found the phone.”  The judge has ordered Mr. Little to appear in court if the phone doesn’t turn up.  Something smells rotten in Nantucket.

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