Daddy Macfarlane

Congrats to Luke Macfarlane who just had his first child with partner Hig Roberts. Who knew Luke had a partner? Hands? Or that his name is Hig? And, trust me – spellcheck still doesn’t believe I’ve got that right. Luke posted this on Instagram: “Tess Eleanor Macfarlane – Born June 4th, 2023. We started life with some hectic days and received world class care. On Father’s Day we got to take her home. Her Dads can’t wait to introduce her to all the remarkable people and the beautiful world we live in.” I’m not complaining, but I always find it amusing when a hot guy takes off his shirt for a photo with his newborn – as you’ll see on


In lieu of an Ask Billy question, we want to congratulate Mark MacKillop, a frequent contributor to Billy Masters LIVE. The talented hoofer (not from Broadway…yet) has made history as the highest fundraiser for Broadway Bares for the SIXTH year in a row. This year, he set the lofty goal of wanting to break $100K, and raised over $120K!! This means that, to date, he has single-handedly brought in more than $392,168 for the fight against AIDS. All I did was sleep with a few hundred guys – and nobody gave me a cent (well, there was that one guy who gave me a pencil after I patted his dog). Congrats, Mark!

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