Glamorous Boys

Our Ask Billy question comes from a fan of Ms. Cattrall.  George in Atlanta writes, “I was excited that you wrote about Glamorous – even if you didn’t recommend it.  I watched the whole series in one evening and was curious about the guys who played Parker and Chad.  They’re mega-hot!”

To be fair, I thought the show improved as it dragged on – but I still wish they gave poor Kim something to do.  As to the men, there’s Graham Parkhurst, who played Parker (and probably Peter).  He’s Canadian, openly gay and seems to be very available for your dining, dancing, and dating pleasure.  Then there’s the always appealing Zane Phillips, who you might remember from Fire Island.  I’m sad to tell you he is no longer on the market.  He’s dating Froy Gutierrez, from Teen Wolf, Cruel Summer, and even Hocus Pocus 2.  The twosome were spied somewhat low-key at the Glamorous premiere, causing more than a few tongues to wag.  However, they used NYC Pride to go public in a big way.  They not only posed for photos, but were captured in a steamy lip lock, all of which can be seen on


When Zane is the less odd name in a couple, it’s definitely time to end yet another column.  Proving that I’m made of stronger stuff than most men, I’m following up my month abroad with a week in Provincetown – God help me!  I’m keeping myself busy with lots of shows, sights and sex (not necessarily in that order).  When I finish filling in the tourists, I’ll fill you in on my exploits on – the site that always plays safe.  If you have a need that requires personal attention, drop a note to me at and I’ll do my best to pencil you in before Bear Week!  Until next time, remember, one man’s filth is another man’s bible.

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