Pride Google Style

Pride Month ended with a thud in San Francisco.  For years, Google has sponsored a series of LGBT events and this year, planned to close out Pride Month with a Pride and Drag Show at Beaux, a local bar.  Then a coalition of Christian employees circulated a petition claiming it was offensive to their religion – because we all remember the passage where Jesus chastised the apostles for lip-synching for their lives!  The group had a strong argument since headlining the event was drag legend Peaches Christ – whose appearance was called “a direct affront to the religion beliefs and sensitivities of Christians”.  Alas, the team that planned the event neglected to go through the company’s “standard events process” – whatever that means.  Google quickly distanced themselves from the show and planned a competing event in the office.  However, many employees still went to the drag show – and “Booed”.  After the fact, Peaches said, “This thing that happened with Google, unfortunately for this event, is actually indicative of a huge groundswell of hatred across the country using drag queens and trans people as scapegoats.”  Oh my!  As if drag and trans weren’t enough, now we’re bringing in goats!?  Well, it is San Francisco.

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