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Billy’s summer of love continues chugging along.  By the time you read this, I’ll be in Fort Lauderdale burning my buns – that’ll teach me to not take the option at a Clothing Optional resort.  Getting this far into summer without need of any pills, ointments or other pharmaceutical aids is not only a credit to my constitution, but also to my endurance.  I proved that last week in Provincetown…and I managed to catch a few more shows as well!

In residence at the Post Office Café and Cabaret is the legendary Randy Roberts, celebrating his 25th anniversary in Ptown.  Yes, both Cher and Bette are back.  Even better – Randy is back, and in peak form.  The show is called Aging Dis-Gracefully, but there is nothing disgraceful about it.  It’s one of his best, with scads of new material and just a smattering of some old favorites.  Things kick off with some original songs which landed triumphantly, including a ditty about Governor Ron DeSantis which is as sharp as Randy’s cheekbones.  While it doesn’t matter, Randy looks even better out of drag – and I hear he’s single, for you tourists looking for a roll in the hay.  He can be found online at  For more info on all of the Post Office shows, go to


I also caught John Hill’s act at the Post Office.  Those of you familiar with Andy Cohen will know John from…well, from Andy’s past, and also his radio show.  I, of course, go back even further with John.  From the original company of Hairspray, the Broadway production of The Boy from Oz and the off-Broadway company of Bare, John Hill has got chops.  While he’ll claim not to be a triple threat, he’s a hoofer from way back.  You could say he’s a hoofer with a heart of gold.  His solo show featured some original songs and some amusing anecdotes.  He’s as likeable as he is lickable, so check him out should he come to a venue near you.  Oh, did we mention we have a naughty photo of Hill showing his meat?  Or is it one of his potatoes?  At


Then I sauntered over to the Provincetown Art House to see The New Belters – otherwise known as Nicolas King and Seth Sikes.  In the past 9 months since they started this venture, their show has grown exponentially.  The harmonies are tighter and there is a natural ease to their partnership.  Of course, the vocals are impeccable – Nicolas being more a soulful crooner, while Seth is more a plaintive balladeer.  The luxury of having Billy Stritch not only on the keyboard but contributing a third harmony vocal line was heavenly.  They did a brief but striking recreation of Liza’s memorable performance of Sondheim’s “Back in Business” which you can see on  Their two shows at the Ptown Art House had the capacity audiences cheering effusively.  You can find info on each of their individual websites.  Of course, the Ptown Art House lineup is on

My final official performance of the week was seeing the incomparable Jackie Beat!  The dynamic diva is on tour celebrating her 60th birthday with a show entitled Sexty.  I don’t know if I’ve ever heard her in better voice.  Truly, she seemed to have lungs of steel – but enough about her sex life!  Her three-night stint at Ptown’s Red Room was sold out well in advance, and the capacity crowd ate her up with a spoon – again, enough about her sex life!  As to the new material – well, how can you not love a song that rhymes “famous” with “anus”?  I particularly enjoyed “I’m Not a Groomer” and “Careless Fister”.  Oh, that Jackie is a subtle minx.  She’s in the midst of a tour, and you can see her full schedule at  The venue’s schedule is at


I would be remiss not to mention that the Gifford House in Provincetown is under new ownership, and they reopened the downstairs nightclub, Purgatory.  This means the weekly underwear parties are back on Saturday night.  If there’s a hot guy in town, he’s there – and wearing next to nothing.  Why, over July 4th, I saw porn stud Austin Wolf with someone roughly half his size.  I had a fleeting thought that perhaps Purgatory brought back their popular Dwarf-Tossing Nights – but I doubt that would fly (so to speak) in these woke days.  Austin’s friend  turned out to be someone named Damien who has an OnlyFans page…which you must be thistall to check out.  Although I suspect he’ll ride anyone of any size!  For all Purgatory events, check out

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