Cheyenne Makes a Cameo

Our almost predictable Ask Billy question comes from Walt in Chicago: “Did you see that photo Cheyenne Jackson posted?  Holy fuck, has he ever been hotter?  Is there an uncensored version?”

I think he hit his hotness peak around the time that photo was taken.  He posted it on social media to announce he’s available for Cameo messages – for the bargain-basement rate of $95.  Even that is exponentially more than a subscription to – where you’ll find an uncensored (and aroused) Cheyenne for only $5 a month.


When we’re cheaper than a celeb, we’ve definitely come to the end of another column.  I may be cheap, but I’m worth it.  And I’ll bend over backward to prove it on – the site that’s a bargain at any price.  If you have a question, reach out and touch me at and I’ll get back to you before Kevin Spacey does the same!  Until next time, remember, one man’s filth is another man’s bible.

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