Is Spacey Innocent?

I’m torn.  On one hand, I believe in the judicial system – believe me, I do.  On the other hand, I believe in my gut instincts.  And if I had to bet my life on one or the other, I’d choose my instincts every time.  For instance, there are certain celebrities who are plagued with rumors.  One might say that if Mr. X were really gay, wouldn’t there be some proof?  On the other hand, proof or not, I believe what I believe.


This brings us to Kevin Spacey.  For years, everyone whispered that he was gay.  There was no proof – until he opened the Tony Awards dressed as Norma Desmond and sang, “I’m coming out…”.  Looking back, the apotheosis of his career also began his downfall.  Seeing him up there prompted Anthony Rapp to come forward with his story, which led to Spacey admitting that he’s gay.  This led to Rapp’s lawsuit, which gave scores of lads in the UK license to also come forward.  And here we are.

What does it mean that Spacey was found not guilty in those cases?  And what does this judicial win mean for his career?  He’s claimed there were several people in England waiting to hire him once the trial was over.  Let’s see how many offer him employment.  What about the court of public opinion?  He may get work, but will anyone care?  When he was found “not guilty”, Kevin wept openly, saying, “I am humbled by the outcome.”  And we’re back where we started.  Does a not guilty verdict change anyone’s mind?  Does that mean Spacey is actually innocent?  I will remind you that OJ Simpson was also found not guilty.

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