Why’d They Divorce?

One thing everyone who has been through a breakup will tell you is that it isn’t caused by one thing – unless, of course, your mate is bad in bed.  That is a dealbreaker.  In the case of the divorce of Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef, we now know that it’s been on a downward spiral for three years – which is particularly long since they’ve only been married for six!  “This isn’t something new,” said Ricky.  “We have been planning this situation for a long time.  This is pre-pandemic.”  I’ve heard of people staying together for the children – but for the pandemic?  “When the public found out that we were divorcing, we had already gone through a process of much solitude.  We were firm that this is what needed to happen for his well-being, my well-being, and for our children.”  All I got out of that was Jwan isn’t that bad in bed.  After all, didn’t Ricky say it was “firm”?  And, frankly, the fact that Yosef spells his name “Jwan” would probably be a dealbreaker for moi!

I must confess that I’ve spent more than a few sleepless nights pondering the breakup of Justin Trudeau’s marriage – or, perhaps, longing for Trudeau to ponder me.  The couple went public with their uncoupling while revealing no details…except that they have already signed a “legal separation agreement”.  What we do know is that both men and women are coming out of the closet wanting Trudeau to come…well, wherever he wants. 

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