Big Brother Hisam Revealed

This week’s Ask Billy question comes from Harry somewhere in Texas (if his e-mail address is to be believed): “What do you know about Hisam on Big Brother?  He doesn’t seem to mind showing skin.”

Hisam Goueli hails from Seattle, where he is a geriatric doctor and a burlesque dancer – quite a combination, n’est çe pas?  This is how he described himself when he joined Big Brother: “The person I am today is a confident, gay, Arab, Muslim man, who is basically in love with life and wanting to explore all of its possibilities.”  He is married to Roberto, and they have a golden retriever named Evita – of course they do.  Hisam is a cancer survivor, having had a tumor removed from his ear canal (which explains his partial loss of hearing).  Back to his burlesque dancing, he takes part in an annual event called Bohemia, which is performed in a scantily clad burlesque fashion.  Not only is he a mainstay of the production, he’s also been featured in ads where he shows far more skin than he has on the BB live feed.  If it’s skin you’re after, check out Potato Dreams of America – and, no, I’m not making that up.  Nor am I making up that Hisam appears alongside such luminaries as Lea DeLaria, Jonathan Bennett, and Lauren Tewes – you know, Julie from The Love Boat.  His character is billed as “Fantasy Husband Cowboy”, and he has a rather explicit love scene – which can be seen on

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