Wayne Brady is Pan

The big news this week is that Wayne Brady has come out as “pansexual” – which, if you ask me, is just a pit stop on the way to Gayville.  Kinda like how coming out as bi was in the ‘90s.  Brady actually clarified it by calling himself “bisexual – with an open mind”.  One must admire the skill in his statement, well-crafted by a team of professionals, I’m sure.  With such prose as “I’m doing this for me”, and “I love all people equally, and now that includes myself” – it’s hard to criticize anything.  Brady adds, “I was so afraid of having my manhood questioned.”  I think that ship sailed when he starred in Kinky Boots!  Anyway, he’s very cautious about the terms he uses.  “I don’t think I’m ‘gay’, but what if I feel something for another man?”  What if?  As if!

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