Boebert’s Handsy Beau

A blindfold would have come in handy for either Lauren Boebert or her date.  My God, I haven’t seen anyone so handsy at a musical since I went to see Moulin Rouge with an ex!  Something about elephants made him hot…thank goodness!  We’ve all seen Lauren and her beau vaping and feeling each other up during a matinee of Beetlejuice – not the most erotic musical I’ve ever seen!  After denying the episode even took place, she was shown a video.  She not only copped to the behavior (which included her date copping a feel), but admitted that her date is a Democrat.  “I learned to check party affiliation before you go on a date”.  Mind you, this was their first date and he got to third base.  If he had taken her to Denny’s, he could have gotten a grand slam!  Not only is her date a Democrat, he owns a gay bar!!!  Not so much a gay bar as a gay-friendly bar.  The Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar in Aspen hosted a drag show during Aspen Gay Ski Week.  To paraphrase Chris Rock, hooch go with hoochie!

As if things weren’t bad enough for Danny Masterson, his wife Bijou Phillips has filed for divorce.  Bijou is the half-sister of Mackenzie Phillips, who claims to have had what she termed as a “consensual incestuous affair” with her father.  Do you know how bad it has to be when someone in that family divorces you?  On the other hand, being single in prison has its advantages.


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