Ricky’s Bon Bons Leak

“I did pee-pee once on the stage.  Things happen.  It’s live.  The show must go on.
It’s not a decision that I made, it just happened and you keep going” –
Ricky Martin makes a startling revelation to Kelly Ripa – who seems surprisingly unfazed.
Try and remember that the next time you see her all lovey-dovey with her hubby, Mark Consuelos!

Didya know that Ricky Martin met his fiancé on Instagram?  We hasten to say that Ricky was not cruising online.  No, he wouldn’t do something so base and common.  He claims to have stumbled upon a piece of Jwan Yosef‘s art.  Then he checked out Jwan himself and liked what he saw.  They chatted online for six months before it turned into a romance.  The moral of this story?  Write to Billy@BillyMasters.com and wait a few months.  Who knows what’ll happen!

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