De Havilland’s Feud

People are less forgiving when people take liberties with facts about real people.  While most of my readers enjoyed watching Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon battle it out in Feud, many questioned the veracity of several scenes.  Dramatic license is often employed in these types of shows, but does anyone really believe Joan Crawford danced around wearing the Trog mask?  Someone who certainly should know what did and didn’t happen is Olivia de Havilland.  And, apparently, she is none too pleased with how she was portrayed and the words Ryan Murphy had “her” saying.  Therefore, on the eve of her 101st birthday, she filed a lawsuit against Murphy and FX Networks, and it makes for some illuminating reading.  Throughout her life – whether the subject be professional or personal – Livvy always took the high road.  But the quasi-documentary style of Feud gives one the impression that what is being portrayed is fact and that she actually made remarks about her colleagues that she considers uncharacteristic and disparaging.  While she is a public person and, therefore, fair game to a certain extent, it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

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