Vatican LGBT PR Pro

Fr. James Martin was recently named the Vatican‘s pro-LGBT PR consultant.  When talking about saints and other people who have been canonized by the church, he said, “Some of them were probably gay.  A certain percentage of humanity is gay, and so were most likely some of the saints.  You may be surprised when you get to heaven to be greeted by LGBT men and women.”  This outraged many in the Vatican, but Fr. Martin didn’t back down.  He then tackled the trans bathroom debate.  “Trans students endure so many indignities already.  They should be able to use whatever bathrooms they choose.  It doesn’t hurt anyone.  It saddens me that a trans student cannot choose what bathrooms to use.  A basic need.  It’s an affront to their dignity as human beings.”  This led Fr. Matt Bozovsky to Tweet back, “Um… this is a joke, right?  Someone please tell me this is a parody account and not actually coming from a Catholic priest.”  Martin responded. “No, I’m an actual Catholic priest in good standing who stands with the marginalized.  Some charity is in order here, Father.”  So there!

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