Kathy Griffin’s Cleared

“Yeah, we’re still friends.  Look, I said what I said…I didn’t think what
she said was appropriate.  I wish her the best and I hope she bounces back
and is back on the road.  She’s incredibly funny, and a lot of people love her.” –
Anderson Cooper tells Andy Cohen about the status of his friendship with Kathy Griffin.

It’s over – our great national tragedy is coming to a close.  Kathy Griffin is back.  Well, not back as in working.  But back as in ready to work.  “I am no longer under federal investigation.  The case is closed.  I have been completely exonerated.  Finally,” Tweeted the funny lady.  The statement was meant to shoot down a report that Griffin was not only still under investigation but also facing jail time. 

Although she’s not in the big house, she’s having trouble with a big house.  Although she recently moved into palatial digs within spitting distance of Kim and Kanye, her old house, Wings (which was featured in her D-List show), has been in limbo.  Nothing squelches sales like a Secret Service investigation.  Kath paid $2.85 million for the house in 2004, so she listed it for $6.5 million.  Then the scandal happened, and she took it off the market.  Now, it’s for sale again, for the marked-down price of $5 mil.

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