City Bans Drag

I was struck by the following headline: “Town Tries To Legally Ban Drag Show”.  And I thought, “Isn’t it too soon for another remake of Footloose?”  But wait – an all-drag version.  Hmmm.  We might have to change some of the words to “Let’s Hear It For The Boy”, but I’m in.  The story is from Portland, Tennessee – the drag capital of the world – and the city council heard arguments for and against a proposed ordinance that would outlaw drag shows.  Ray Guillermo, the owner of the club putting on the shows, said, “I think a lack of knowledge is the problem here.  There is no nudity.  This is not adult entertainment”.  Turns out, some people think drag shows include nudity or eroticism – clearly they don’t have basic cable!  But some of the other residents made comments which indicate homophobia is driving this potential ban.  One man said of drag queens, “If they’re on the side of the road with a flat tire, I’ll stop and help…but I don’t support this type of activity”.  He just described the plot of To Wong Foo!

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