Griffin Takes On Everyone

“The whole time I was working there, I didn’t know Andy Cohen wanted to be me.” 
Kathy Griffin on her long and, apparently, unhappy tenure at Bravo.  Watch what happens, indeed!

You all know Kathy Griffin was dumped from CNN‘s New Year’s Eve with Anderson Cooper and replaced by Andy Cohen.  Well, TMZ ran into Cohen at LAX, congratulated him on the gig, and asked if he’s talked to Kathy about it.  Andy innocently said, “Who?”  The “reporter” (and I used that term loosely) then clarified, “Kathy Griffin.  Kathy Griffin.”  Andy simply said, “I don’t know her.”  The cameraman was most certainly flummoxed – well, he would have been if he knew what “flummoxed” meant.  Obviously Andy knows Kathy – in fact, she’s the one who introduced us!  I suspect Cohen was simply playing dumb.  Unlike most “showbiz friendships”, Andy and Anderson are actually best friends.  So, who did you expect him to side with?

Kathy wasted no time in clapping back (as the kids say).  She Tweeted: “Even when it’s on tape, there are doubters?  He is NOT kidding w paps.  Was my boss for 10 years.  Treated me like a dog.  Deeply misogynistic.”  But Kathy wasn’t finished.  After her TweetHarvey Levin of TMZ called – likely to see if she wanted to make a comment on the clip.  Instead, she posted a 17-minute video which is surely the definition of viral.  In it, she refers to Cohen’s comment to the paparazzi as “a vicious interview”.  She plays Harvey’s message in full – giving anyone who wants it (hands?  anyone?) Levin’s phone number.  She then says, “By the way, Harvey, where the fuck did you get my personal cell number, and who the fuck do you think you are harassing me on my cell phone, calling me directly?  Where’d you get my number?  Your good friend Lisa Bloom?”  Having heard the message, I wouldn’t categorize it as “harassing”.  But I also wouldn’t categorize Cohen’s comments as an “interview” or “vicious”.

Kathy also exposes Levin’s close ties with Trump, calling him “the gay version of Kellyanne Conway!”  She reveals that Trump and Levin speak several times a week.  She also claimed that all of TMZ‘s stories about women are ones that make them look bad or where they physically look bad.  As opposed to all those positive stories about men!

As to Andy Cohen, she says he was a “miserable boss for all those years”.  She also states how loathsome Bravo is to women – both the women behind the scenes and the women on the shows.  Easy to say now that she doesn’t have a show on the network – which is the double-edged sword everyone is tiptoeing around.  She says, “I didn’t know that when they ended The D-List and I desperately wanted to do a talk show, Andy Cohen would be the first television executive in the history of television to give himself a talk show that seems to get picked up every season.”  Griffin claims that the two times she was on Watch What Happens Live, “Andy Cohen privately asked me in an office…if I wanted to do blow.”  She says these incidents happened when they were both alone in a room and they made her very uncomfortable.  She predicted Andy would say he was just kidding.  And, she was right – Cohen Tweeted, “I am completely stunned by this story.  It is 100% false and totally made up.”

Lastly, Griffin points fingers at virtually everyone she’s ever worked with.  Agents, publicists, producers – they all get named.  Most are women, and most she claims “didn’t protect me”.  All the bad publicity and career foibles she’s had are because of these people.  She also says that because of the Trump investigation, she’s been on the no-fly list, the Interpol list, and that she’s been “detained alone at every single airport I’ve gone to.”  Kathy wraps it up by saying, “So when I go to Singapore, if I don’t return, I just want you guys to know that’s why.”

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