A Tale of Two Coreys

Then there are the two Coreys – Corey Haim and Corey Feldman.  According to the National EnquirerCharlie Sheen raped the 13-year-old Haim on the set of the 1986 film Lucas.  Sheen “categorically denies these allegations”.  It would have ended there, except Haim’s mom decided to go on Dr. Oz.  She says, “I would have known if anything was wrong.  My kid hid nothing, he was like…transparent.  He never hid anything, he was Corey.  It’s out of character, that’s number one.  When my son was 13 he’s not going to go and ask Charlie Sheen to go and sleep with him.”  But, Mrs. Haim wasn’t through.  “I have to tell you, that this guy Dominick is the guy that abused my son.  My son said so.”  Who is Dominick?  That would be Dominick Brascia, someone who was close to Haim and the one who told the Enquirer that Sheen assaulted Haim!  If this is true, Brascia assaults Haim, and then sells a story to the Enquirer swearing that Haim was assaulted – by Sheen.  That’s some fucked-up shit!

Then there’s the other Corey – Feldman.  Last week, he filed a police report with the LAPD claiming he was molested as a minor.  And, he names names.  And he, too, went on The Dr. Oz Show, and named two of the people.  The first one is identified as Jon Grissom, his former assistant who currently lives in Mexico.  The second one is talent agent Marty Weiss, who is a convicted sex offender.

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