Faye Now, Pay Later

Time for another installment of Fayewatch.  We haven’t heard from Miss Dunaway since she proclaimed La La Land the winner of Best Picture at the Oscars.  Oh, Faye, we’ve missed you.  But, like the phoenix of ancient Greece (which may have been her childhood pet), she has risen from the ashes.  I missed the story about Faye getting extensions at New York’s posh Marie Robinson Salon.  After the pros worked their magic on Faye’s tenuous tresses, they presented her with the bill – $3,000!  “I’m not paying that – I can’t believe how expensive this is,” said Faye.  Instead, Dunaway paid half – likely rationalizing that her hairline starts halfway up her scalp.  When asked by the New York Post for a comment, she said, “I’d prefer you not run that.  I’ve now paid the whole thing – but I will not be going back there because it is not the price they said it would be.  So, I don’t know what to say to you except I didn’t throw a fit.  I was just very alarmed at the amount they were charging me for the very small amount of hair work that they did.  I am a normal human being and don’t expect special favors, but I was shocked to be charged the same I had previously paid to get what was now a hair correction.  I felt it was very extravagant and inappropriate.”  That’s a pretty long quote – she probably had to leave it on multiple voicemail messages!

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