Hutcherson’s Dong

Our Ask Billy question comes from Neil in Chicago: “What is Future Man?  And does Josh Hutcherson really have a gargantuan penis?  I can’t find this series on any network.  Is this a joke?  It’s gotta be, right?  Right?”

Wrong – it is in fact a series on Hulu.  In it, Josh sports a penis roughly the size of a Louisville Slugger.  If that’s a reference you don’t get, then picture a large eggplant, or two zucchinis…eh, just picture all of the ingredients of ratatouille.  To make matters more complicated, in episode twelve, he appears with himself.  Yes, two Josh Hutchersons.  I know what you’re thinking – ratatouille for everyone!  Except one of them has a more natural-looking appendage.  How much is real?  Josh says, “It’s a combination of me with camera lock-offs, and also a stunt double, and a lot of prosthetics as I’m sure you may have noticed.”  You can see it on

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